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Preview & Inspect Web Designs with Adobe Edge Inspect

The most amazing tool for working with multiple devices has arrived – introducing Edge Inspect.

Edge Inspect is an application for web developers and designers who are working on mobile web projects. Edge Inspect enables you to work more efficiently by providing synchronous browsing, remote inspection and the ability to take screenshots of your mobile web content from connected devices.

Web developers and designers struggling with how to preview mobile web content. Edge Inspect enables you to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview and inspection of websites for mobile devices. It also allows you to easily pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your computer and customize designs for different form-factors in real time.

I’ve always had a concern about simultaneous preview, as it used to get frustrating when you have to constantly refresh across all devices just to see the updates. I just tested it with iPhone and it is truly amazing. Can’t wait to start using it more.

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    November 28, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    That’s pretty sweet! Speaking of mobile, will this awesome blog be compatible with mobile sometime soon? I love reading it on the go. 🙂

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